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Saba Hamid is a Pond’s Miracle Mentor for 2015

Last days shoot of Pyaray Afzal, will miss it tremendously

10565119_719452951433717_567724303017903830_n“Last days shoot of Pyaray Afzal, will miss it tremendously, we shot and then we shot some more, we fought and then we fought some more, but hats off to the director Nadeem Baig who turned this canvas into a beautiful painting and Khalil Qamar for giving us the most powerful lines to deliver. Well done Six Sigma and ARY for appreciating our efforts without frowning on the cost and not bothering about the crazy mad TRP race.”

– Saba Hamid

1980s interview of Saba Hamid and her sister Huma by Anwar Maqsood for a TV show called ‘Show Time’

Saba Hamid receives Pride of Performance – The highest civil award in Pakistan

Saba Hamid receives Pride of Performance, one of the highest civil awards conferred by the Government of Pakistan on Pakistani civilians in recognition of distinguished merit in their respective field of work.

Ok so this happened back in 23 March 2012, but the photo just came in! and we are delighted to be able to share it with you:

Saba Hamid receives Pride of Performance highest civil award in Pakistan
Saba Hamid receives Pride of Performance – The highest civil award in Pakistan

Spotlight: Mum’s the word! By Madeeha Syed,

Spotlight: Mum’s the word!
By Madeeha Syed,

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PTVpachaas (Series) by Raju Jamil

PTVpachaas (Series) by Raju Jamil

Saba Hameed

The able daughter of a very noble and able man himself… who holds much to his credit as one of the pioneers of the teenager Pakistan growing saner in journalism and Urdu adab slowly but surely for the benefit of generations to come. God gifted him with two talented daughters who both went on to promote performing arts earning laurels galore and despite reaching their heights —- never went bereft and stayed as humble yet strict, steadfast, loyal and true to their hobby or profession they may deem to consider.

While both the sisters started from PTV-Lahore, Huma Hameed had a short stint that she left Lahore for abroad after meeting her Prince Charming and Saba remained in Lahore—-where the budding PTV drama cell started capitalising her talents which soon made their such solid marks that are still visible as clear and dear as ever.

Who can forget “Raat, Rail Aur Khat” where a young, charming and highly attractive Saba gave a magnanimous performance alongside Qavi Khan. The list goes on…… there was never a looking back for Saba when she not only conquered but ruled the PTV Dramas —- the streak which continues.

In show business, and. I am talking about TV dramas, in my opinion, the ultimate merit in the eyes of fellow-producer or director should be success. Everything else is secondary, if at all relevant.

If Saba Hameed inspired National awe and the admiration of Pakistan Television Industry, it had much to do with the fact that perhaps not many other TV artiste since the advent of PTV in Pakistan, has been kissed by success. Of the just about dozen+ TV dramas in which she has been personally involved as as an Artiste and even Producer, all with different moods, tempo, stories and plots…went on to do well….and many were the sort of super hits which could make success-seekers chew their fingers with envy.

Since PTV Karachi came up and I got involved in it as a hobby not only as an actor but a ps a chaperone, makhay ka dost to the producers hellbent upon trying to be as near them and be around even if not in their play, I became, as Ather Vaqar Azim puts up…the “Satish Shah” of PTV….which I now cherish and share by capitalising of my, Allhamdoulillah….God bestowed fantastic memory by sharing those golden years and memories of Pakistan Television by writing such tidbits which many but few pass by but the connoisseurs of showbiz enjoy them be they be minus 40 or plus 50 as far as samay ki deepak is concerned. And that’s the reason I know much about the happenings.. good happenings of the yesteryears at the, initially, three stations of PTV I was so fortunate to be involved with by virtue if my father being a known figure in literature and culture. But I have never worked with Saba Hameed except in three plays…one a serial by Humayun Saeed we did in Malaysia..probably “Sunn Le Na” followed by Zaheer Khan’s “Maat”…where too she was in the other track and in Atif Hussain’ s Eid play by Umera Ahmed some three years ago..pairing with her alongside a good cast of Fahad Mustafa, Mahmood Aslam, Beenish Chohan, Hasan and others. That’s all and the proximity I may have with Saba but the fact remains that I closely know some of her very close and dear friends and colleagues very closely…her friends like Samina Ahmed and Bushra Ansari…who are my dearest ones besides Qavi. Khan Sahab who gives me a huge hug whenever I bother him for some info on those golden days I need to be very sure about for my articles and blogs.

Saba Hameed, I think, being a complete artiste from the beginning, knew the pulse of the people, she knew what they liked and what they did not that she was so choosy in her roles offered—and I understand she still is….that she is very strict about the script being available on time…..and a certain code of ethics during the recordings. I think it should be that way…it could be the secret of extricating a classy and eye catching performance—Saba Hameed is known for.

In summation, I can, while thinking about that personality who is considered as an Institution in all aspects by my father and I talk about the great Quratulain Hyder—having met her also that I called her my khala as she was a close friend to my late mother—-I have all the reasons to believe that Saba Hameed, as far as female emancipation and being on dot on her work and also being a “no nonsense women” certainly matches the traits of Annie Aunty. And that’s a huge compliment to Saba for the personality she has.

Apart from those three plays I have done in her presence in them… I’ve never met Saba socially except occasionally. I will indeed remain grateful to her for giving me good 10 minutes on phone during my live show I use to do on VIBE from Lahore with my guest Samina Ahmed….and all I wish is that the recording of that live show should have been maintained…unless it is…for it was worth a million dollar to hear Saba talk about the Pak Showbiz TV, literature and the merits, demerits and about her dear friend Samina and others in such a way that it would take pages to describe how authentic and wonderful she spoke in such a firm and positive tone without an iota of hiccup or hoo humm or ummm we normally feel and hear when we see famous people extending their thoughts on people.

Saba Hameed…you’ve played a wonderful role in the growth of PTV and you rightly deserve accolades and kudos celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our pride of the country PTV which, with the will of. God will soon make a comeback by restarting its own productions and plays to create an air of talent rather grouping and favouritism we so often see being practiced so blatantly by some private production houses currently.

The way she lived and worked, Saba Hameed is still the Queen of Pak Dramas. She is imperious and majestic dreamer of big dreams and Hee egos are several times larger than the PTV studios or the current locations of private productions.

PTV on the other hand is a historic monument to an artiste’s vision, energy, enterprise. Saba Hameed was made by mass audience, and she will never desert it till it be the will of lord. And few can deny that she is one of the most accomplished drama artiste of Pakistan TV Showbiz Media.

Long live Saba Hameed…….

Raju Jamil,